Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend
Parade, Fireworks, & Events
May 20th and 21st, 2017







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Wellesley Celebrations Committee
Town Hall - 525 Washington Street
Wellesley, MA 02482-5992
Phone: (781) 431-1019x2295 or (781) 235-1299
Fax: (781) 237-9609 or (781) 239-1043
Email: info@wellesleyparade.org (new address)
Roy Switzler Chairman  
Pete Jones Treasurer  
2013 Wellesley Celebrations Committee
Mark Antonelli - Vice Chairman, Jim Bishop - Secretary, Cathy Brauner - Publicity, Ted Coates, Carmen Cortese, Marcey DeCristofaro - WCC Exec. Secretary, Tory DeFazio - Parade Master of Ceremonies, Diane Duddy, Lindsay Ellms, George Field, Rowie Gray, George Johnston - Charles River Rotary Club, Laurie Lizak - Wellesley Kiwanis Club, Dick MacIntosh, Marlene Mihalsky, Gerry Murphy, Sarah Murphy, Carl Nelson, John Saunders, John and Dwin Schuler - ICAW, Pete Jones - Treasurer, Roy Switzler - Chairman, Joellen Toussaint, Tom Ulfelder


Past Wellesley Celebrations Committees
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